This, is not easy! I admit, I thought it will be a piece of a cake. When I first heard about¬†walk all over cancer,¬†I said ‘I do 10000 steps every day anyway!’ – No I don’t. On a work day – easy, on a day off, my lazy me doesn’t want to do any steps. So I had to mute the voice of my lazy self for now, and move my body of the sofa.

Last two days I took Ben and Eva for a walk, and to the park. I made my steps, they had some fun, and I’ve made some nice pictures of pretty flowers. I hope you will like it.

And here are my steps, from last two days

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I’ve been very busy recently. I wanted to squeeze all my work in before Easter holidays. It were very important for me, because today, I am going to Poland to see my family! Just a week, but means a lot.  My family haven’t met Eva and Paul yet. I want to show Paul my city, and how we celebrate Easter in Poland. I am very excited for that.

Although I have made a lot of cakes last couple of weeks, I want to show you my other artwork, from last week. My bookfold that I have made for my friend. I hope you’ll like it.


Last week, as I were looking for inspirations to decorate a cake, I’ve found a tutorial for quilled wafer paper flower. I am very proud of it, as it was my first wafer paper flower I’ve ever made.

I looked online for some paper quilling pictures, and decided that this is something I could do with my boys. So I checked some tutorials, on how to make the shapes, and I was gently disheartened by them. Every video I have seen started with: “you need quilling paper stripes, special ruler, special needle”… and all the stuff I don’t have. I understand that this is what people use to get the perfect shapes, professional looking pictures, but I just wanted to show it to my kids, and see for myself if I like doing it. So after reading a little I’ve done it my own way. 

First I had to cut the paper stripes. I used a thicker paper, the one for creating occasional cards, I have it in many colours. Cutting it may take a long time and is pretty boring, so I used paper shredder. It mafe the procrss a lot quicker. I must say that my 5 years old Ben enjoyed this bit the most.  Putting paper in on one side, taking stripes out on the other. Quilling needle? I used a toothpick to roll my stripes on. Boys were simply rolling them in their fingers. The only thing I have, is a ruler with circles, to check if my quilled circles are the right size. I found it in Oliwer’s school stuff. To be honest I didn’t really use it. I didn’t want it to look to complicated for Ben.

Anyway, in the end Ben decided that crumpling paper up is more fun than rolling, and that’s what he did…


I have so many ideas to write about and so little time. Being a mum is a very hard work. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I decided to write about yesterday. And I’ve chosen it because it’s the end of a very busy week for me. Very creative week.
I had a difficult cake to make, so most of my spare time I’ve spent preparing decorations for it. As a result of that I didn’t have time for an art day with my boys.
Today finally all my work was done, cakes finished, knitting casted off, and I’ve had lots of time for my two munchkins. It was Ben’s time to choose what will we do , and luckily he picked painting. This is what I like the most – colorfull mess.
What Ben enjoys doing with paints is just mixing them. His picture ended up all mixed up.

Oliwer just used images that he see every day. I showed him how to draw smaller parts with smaller paintbrush, and to use less water if he wants something to stick out. He tried to paint things behind other objects, his painting is not as bad as he says. On his picture there’s a tree and a gate on the front, two buildings behind them, and the Sun shining at the back, away from everything. His sky is grey, not blue – that’s very british, isn’t it?

And there’s my picture. Just a sunset at the seaside. Something simple and nice.

Our pictures aren’t masterpieces, but we had a great laugh creating them. We were helping each other, talking, and working together. In this busy life moments like this are treasures. I want my children to have these memories, to look back on one day.

Now I can start making a bookfold for my friend.

Have a great Sunday!