I’ve been very busy recently. I wanted to squeeze all my work in before Easter holidays. It were very important for me, because today, I am going to Poland to see my family! Just a week, but means a lot.  My family haven’t met Eva and Paul yet. I want to show Paul my city, and how we celebrate Easter in Poland. I am very excited for that.

Although I have made a lot of cakes last couple of weeks, I want to show you my other artwork, from last week. My bookfold that I have made for my friend. I hope you’ll like it.



Last week, as I were looking for inspirations to decorate a cake, I’ve found a tutorial for quilled wafer paper flower. I am very proud of it, as it was my first wafer paper flower I’ve ever made.

I looked online for some paper quilling pictures, and decided that this is something I could do with my boys. So I checked some tutorials, on how to make the shapes, and I was gently disheartened by them. Every video I have seen started with: “you need quilling paper stripes, special ruler, special needle”… and all the stuff I don’t have. I understand that this is what people use to get the perfect shapes, professional looking pictures, but I just wanted to show it to my kids, and see for myself if I like doing it. So after reading a little I’ve done it my own way. 

First I had to cut the paper stripes. I used a thicker paper, the one for creating occasional cards, I have it in many colours. Cutting it may take a long time and is pretty boring, so I used paper shredder. It mafe the procrss a lot quicker. I must say that my 5 years old Ben enjoyed this bit the most.  Putting paper in on one side, taking stripes out on the other. Quilling needle? I used a toothpick to roll my stripes on. Boys were simply rolling them in their fingers. The only thing I have, is a ruler with circles, to check if my quilled circles are the right size. I found it in Oliwer’s school stuff. To be honest I didn’t really use it. I didn’t want it to look to complicated for Ben.

Anyway, in the end Ben decided that crumpling paper up is more fun than rolling, and that’s what he did…