This, is not easy! I admit, I thought it will be a piece of a cake. When I first heard about¬†walk all over cancer,¬†I said ‘I do 10000 steps every day anyway!’ – No I don’t. On a work day – easy, on a day off, my lazy me doesn’t want to do any steps. So I had to mute the voice of my lazy self for now, and move my body of the sofa.

Last two days I took Ben and Eva for a walk, and to the park. I made my steps, they had some fun, and I’ve made some nice pictures of pretty flowers. I hope you will like it.

And here are my steps, from last two days

Remember you can donate to Cancer Research UK on Deep House Creations official Walk All Over Cancer page:

Thank you for all support.


Day 3

It’s my third day of Walking all over cancer from Cancer Research UK. And I must say, as it was my day off work I were struggling a little bit. But I’ve done it! Remember, you can support me, by making a donation to Cancer Research on my challenge page:
And here are my results from yesterday and today.