This, is not easy! I admit, I thought it will be a piece of a cake. When I first heard about walk all over cancer, I said ‘I do 10000 steps every day anyway!’ – No I don’t. On a work day – easy, on a day off, my lazy me doesn’t want to do any steps. So I had to mute the voice of my lazy self for now, and move my body of the sofa.

Last two days I took Ben and Eva for a walk, and to the park. I made my steps, they had some fun, and I’ve made some nice pictures of pretty flowers. I hope you will like it.

And here are my steps, from last two days

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Thank you for all support.


Day 3

It’s my third day of Walking all over cancer from Cancer Research UK. And I must say, as it was my day off work I were struggling a little bit. But I’ve done it! Remember, you can support me, by making a donation to Cancer Research on my challenge page:
And here are my results from yesterday and today.


Today I signed up for cancer research challenge. It’s called “Walk all over cancer”. Everyday in June I have to walk 10000 steps. Why I want to do this? I’ve been inspired by a friend from work, who is currently fighting breast cancer. I thought, if she is doing this, I can do this too. For her, for my dad, who won his battle few years ago,  and because of those family members and friends who lost their battles, I can do at least that.

Todays target achieved

If you would like to support me in my challenge, please donate to cancer research via this link:

Thank you, very much!


Since I went back to work time is absolutely flying. Eva is now 8 months old and keeps me busy on my feet. In between working in a greenhouse, decorating cakes and looking after our home, I still try to spend creative, relaxing time with my family. Today though, it’s all about my oldest son – Oliwer…

Earlier this year Oliwer’s mini saga was chosen by YoungWriters association, to be printed in a book, along with talented people from South Yorkshire schools. The book is called – Welcome to Wonderland – South Yorkshire, and just today we recieved our copy of it! I am very proud of my boy! Couldn’t be happier for him. Well done!


So the day has come. My maternity leave is finished and I had to go back to work. Nothing worse for a mum with 6 months old baby…

After a great Easter week spent in my home town in Poland with my nearest and dearest, today was a very hard day for me. It was my first day back at work. And as much as I loved seeing all my work friends again, I didn’t like leaving my little girl in the nursery. I cried on a bus, all of the way to work. Eva though, took it much better than me. She had all careres wrapped around her tiny finger, and she really enjoyed it.  Hopefully it will get easier for me soon…


I’ve been very busy recently. I wanted to squeeze all my work in before Easter holidays. It were very important for me, because today, I am going to Poland to see my family! Just a week, but means a lot.  My family haven’t met Eva and Paul yet. I want to show Paul my city, and how we celebrate Easter in Poland. I am very excited for that.

Although I have made a lot of cakes last couple of weeks, I want to show you my other artwork, from last week. My bookfold that I have made for my friend. I hope you’ll like it.

Creative family.

What is Deep House Creations? It’s my personal family project to show my children how to be creative and artistic even if you’re not really talented in arts.

Why? Many years ago, when I were about fifteen years old I’ve read my school leaving report, where my form teacher has put – no special talents in any subject. And I remember being very upset about it. I couldn’t dance and sing like some of my friends, and I wasn’t to good in drawing. But I were writing great stories and poems, and loved crafting things, even if I weren’t the best in it.

Years went by, and now I know how wrong this teacher was. My drawing skills got much better, and I discovered something I fell in love with – cake decorating. But also knitting – that’s something I do to relax. Recently I started bookfolding, and making sweet bouquets. There’s so many things I can do, I just needed someone to show me how. Back then, when O wss fifteen hardly anybody had internet. Now, if I want to learn something new, I have easy acces to all tutorials in the world. 

So when my son came back from school one day and said he doesn’t like Art because he’s not good in it, I just asked – would you like to have some fun once or twice a week drawing with me? –

This is why I want to write this blog – to show people that you don’t have to be born with “crafty” written before your name. If you enjoy it – do it!