I have so many ideas to write about and so little time. Being a mum is a very hard work. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I decided to write about yesterday. And I’ve chosen it because it’s the end of a very busy week for me. Very creative week.
I had a difficult cake to make, so most of my spare time I’ve spent preparing decorations for it. As a result of that I didn’t have time for an art day with my boys.
Today finally all my work was done, cakes finished, knitting casted off, and I’ve had lots of time for my two munchkins. It was Ben’s time to choose what will we do , and luckily he picked painting. This is what I like the most – colorfull mess.
What Ben enjoys doing with paints is just mixing them. His picture ended up all mixed up.

Oliwer just used images that he see every day. I showed him how to draw smaller parts with smaller paintbrush, and to use less water if he wants something to stick out. He tried to paint things behind other objects, his painting is not as bad as he says. On his picture there’s a tree and a gate on the front, two buildings behind them, and the Sun shining at the back, away from everything. His sky is grey, not blue – that’s very british, isn’t it?

And there’s my picture. Just a sunset at the seaside. Something simple and nice.

Our pictures aren’t masterpieces, but we had a great laugh creating them. We were helping each other, talking, and working together. In this busy life moments like this are treasures. I want my children to have these memories, to look back on one day.

Now I can start making a bookfold for my friend.

Have a great Sunday!


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